(ISTQB-Kenya) 2018 EVENTS 

May 2020 -ISTQB Remote Online Exams

Now available from Home or office

at your comfort

April 2019 -Yerevan, Armenia General

Assembly Conference


 March 2018 Kenya Now serves the

 East Africa region

(ISTQB-Kenya) 2017 EVENTS 

October 2017-ISTQB Global

Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Madagascar approved to join board


September 2017  -South Africa

TEST-IT Testing conference 


March 2017 -Lima, peru General

Assembly Conference of ISTQB


(ISTQB-Kenya) 2016

March 2016 -Software Testing conference in Nairobi Kenya courtesy of SOCO Norway

March 2016- ISTQB General Assembly conference in Singapore

May 2016 - At the ISTQB® General Assembly meeting in Singapore (March 2016), ISTQB® approved for Beta Release two new modules for Test Automation Engineering andUsability Tester (developed in co-operation with the German Testing Board);


14-16 September 2016 -South Africa TEST-IT Testing conference at Hilton Hotel in Sandton South Africa.

October 2016- ISTQB General Assembly conference in Seoul, South Korea


(ISTQB-Kenya) 2015

March 30th-April 1st 2015 Kenya Conference on Software Quality Theme "Made in Kenya"​
March 27th 2015 Kenya participates @ Tel Aviv, Israel Intl ISTQB GA Conference
June 12th 2015 Kenya participation @ Copenhagen, Denmark ISTQB Conference
3rd-7th August 2015 ISTQB & Girls In Tech Collaboration-Technology "Week of Code"

October 2015 ISTQB Participation at Hack For Farming hackathon sponsored by Aware & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with ISTQB representatives in team emerging 1st place overall winners

(ISTQB-Kenya) 2014

28th March 2014- Kenya participates at San Fransisco General Assembly Conf. Ethiopia voted in to join ISTQB


3rd April 2014 -ISTQB-Kenya logo officially launched at sidelines of San Fransisco GA summit


4th April 2014 -ISTQB Exams Now Available in Kenya!


4th April 2014 -Local Trainers Partnering with regional providers to offer ISTQB Training in Kenya!


14th-16th May 2014 Inaugural ISTQB Foundation Training by Approved Training providers at Nairobi, Kenya

(ISTQB-Kenya) 2013

02 April 2013 Kenya -ISTQB Kenya inaugurated. Its finally here!


29th Nov 2013, Kenya officially becomes a member of the Int'l Board @ Lisbon, Portugal